Insurance Accident Inspection
After a problem during dry-docking, we were instructed to provide our initial assessment of the likely cause and report any potential damage caused by the incident.
MTU 12V 4000 Generating Sets
A useful view of a large yacht generator room showing the scope of works we carry out, including load testing and all associated engineering functions.
Diesel Piston Crown Erosion
Insurers requested a detailed forensic examination of this failed piston which caused a major engine failure. Investigation revealed that the fuel injector was faulty causing liquid diesel to be injected into the cylinder. The liquid diesel destroyed the boundary layer and allowed fuel to burn in direct contact with the piston crown, raising the temperature above the melting point of the piston material.
Dry Dock Stern Gear Inspection
Malta Dry dock inspecting the underwater propulsion system of a 90m commercial ship before entering for a refit.
Main Bearing Failure
After engine works, a major failure occurred causing the engine to seize. We conducted an Expert Witness inspection of the engine and all component parts. The markings on the main bearing were deemed to be caused by debris in the oil, lack of oil on initial start up and heavily aerated oil mist making contact with a hot bearing surface causing a flash over.
Incorrect Component Assembly
High oil consumption, high exhaust smoke and poor performance of a large generator engine was traced to incorrect valve guides and negligence by the repairers. Note that there is still a plastic tie wrap on one valve where the part number tag was attached!
Connecting Rod Manufacturing Defect
In this picture the remains of a connecting rod little end is shown after the "A" face split away from the connecting rod causing the fracture at "B". Subsequently the remaining components broke out of the engine crank case destroying the engine.
Crosley Reversing Marine Diesel Engine
How they used to be. A beautiful example of a pair of marine Diesel engines complete with original engine room telegraphs.

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