Engineering Purchase Survey
Maltese Falcon. We carried out an engineering survey on two Deutz main engines, generators and associated technical systems.
Manufacturing Defect
A fault in the casting of this CAT 3412 piston cooling oil gallery caused a weakness in the combustion bowl of the piston. In service the piston crown broke through into the piston oil gallery below and allowed combustion pressure to enter the engine crankcase, causing massive crank case pressure and subsequently expelling the engine oil in the sump out of the engine.
Smoke Problem
As part of a purchase survey this vessel was seen to produce a great deal of smoke from the main engines. Significant oil consumption was recorded. Worn or damaged oil seals was determined to be the cause.
Machinery Inspection
As part of a team for a well known international brokerage and structural surveying company, we conducted a static machinery and equipment survey on this 86m Feadship in La Ciotat.
Broken Crankshaft
A recent case where an MTU V16 2000 series crankshaft failed at speed causing catastrophic engine failure. The engine block was shattered and many internal engine components were destroyed. The cause of the crankshaft failure was traced to a defect in the drilling of an oil gallery during construction.
89m Private Cruise Liner Engineering Survey
We conducted sea trials and engineering surveys on this prestigious yacht as part of a pre purchase inspection.
Piston Cooling Fault
This Volvo Penta piston failed when load was applied to the engine. Initially it was thought that fuel injection or a loss of sea water cooling was responsible but detailed investigation later provided evidence that the piston cooling oil injection jet was blocked preventing lubrication oil and cooling oil to the piston crown and piston skirt.
Broken Gear Teeth
A major gearbox failure was traced to a previously weakened gear tooth that failed under load causing catastrophic gear failure.

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